Ushering in a new era for one of the UK’s most iconic event spaces

Victoria Warehouse
Branding, Digital, Strategy

Victoria Warehouse is a collection of two 20th century warehouses, re-developed in 2012 in to one of the most iconic UK event spaces.

The Challenge

We we’re approached by Victoria Warehouse to help them refresh and redefine their brand, offering and digital experience. This was simply to aid the growth the brand and business, helping them to break in to new categories and markets. In order to do this we worked with them on a brand strategy focussed around the values of being creative, adaptable and memorable and their mission to be an iconic and inspiring destination where the UK’s greatest events and experiences unfold.

The Solution

In order to ensure the success of the project, we put together a series of user personas informed by the needs of the four very different demographics. VW’s customers range from businesses who want to use the space for a corporate event, people who want to go to a gig, couples who want to host their wedding at the warehouse and also visitors looking for a hotel room, all very different users with very different needs. The brand evolution we carried out was a refresh of the styles for these individual elements of the business, retaining the existing marque, which had already built up some equity throughout it’s lifespan.

Our user persona work was the driving force behind both our information architecture and wire framing stages, prototyping the site to ensure that relevant content is presented to users as quickly as possible in their journey.


In design, this came to life through the implementation of a homepage that enabled the four different user groups to be separated off early on their journey, as well as varying the look of each section of the site through the use of different type families and pairings. Once on the site users are presented with information in an easy to understand way, but the use of animation and front-end flourishes bring the content to life.


Finally, we brought the brand to life through a series of brochures and other printed materials to promote each individual arm of Victoria Warehouse’ offering.