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Social Energy

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Branding and Digital

The Challenge

Known as one of the top, smart energy providers, Social Energy worked across sectors to effectively reduce carbon emissions and make renewables more profitable.

We needed to re-think the whole structure from the ground up, paying close attention to their diverse user types – specifically Homeowners, Commercial and Social Housing.

After conducting thorough research and digital workshops with the SE team we decided to create 3 separate sections of the website that catered for those user types, due to the content and goals of each one being so different. This thinking helped to keep content clear and effective for each user type, delivering information which is important to them.

The Solution

We worked closely with the Social Energy team, during lockdown and helped guide them through our digital process and workshops.

This stage was extensive as we knew just how important the content being delivered for each user type was. Page structure, user flow and content positioning were considered throughout to help the pages work as hard as possible. We used our expertise and experience in helping to create journeys on which our different user types would take - paying close attention to their needs and wants as converting users in to inquiries was the primary goal and function of the site.

Utilising brand

We wanted their new brand identity to work as hard as possible online, making the most of animations to help bring the brand to life. This helped us create a modern and clean aesthetic that truly positioned them as a pioneering energy supplier. Thinking about how users would interact with certain pages, helped with making elements of the site much more interactive and interesting, bringing life to key information.