Helping an ambitious fintech start-up attract funding

Mojo Mortgages
Branding, Campaign, Digital, Naming, Strategy

Mojo Mortgages is a free UK mortgage broker, helping people find great deals from more than 90 lenders, giving expert advice and handling (and taking the hassle out of) the whole application process.

The Challenge

We were tasked with helping the then Life’s Great come up with a new name of this new offering, create a brand strategy that their team could get behind and communicate it via an identity that would help them attract initial investment and ensure growth in their market.

A lot of work was done at the outset establish who Mojo’s potential customers are and how we should talk to them, where the gap in the market was and where the identity needed to position them.

We tasked ourselves with creating a face and personality for the digital Ai mortgage comparison service that Mojo offers. We created a simple yet memorable identity that was based around the brand essence of ‘expertly straightforward’, helping Mojo become 'the new face of mortgage comparison'. Our friendly face and heavily stylised ‘m’ ensured the brand essence shone through and the logo would stand out in a busy landscape of FinTech brands.


The illustration style we created aims to get across the messaging we put in place, each illustration getting across the USPs of saving time, ease of use, finding the perfect mortgage and cutting through a lot of paperwork and red tape.