When the project is big, you need clever.

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Welcome to well connected.

The Background

Helix is a workflow management tool that has the power to track and log progress on huge rail, power and highway projects, increasing efficiency and providing peace of mind to everyone involved.

Traditionally infrastructure projects across the UK have been tracked and managed through outdated methods such as faxing, physical paper documents and email threads. As you can imagine, this is an outdated process and leaves room for errors.

The Challenge

Helix Workflow aims to redefine the industry with a technologically driven platform that brings together all areas of a project in one place. Helix came with almost no initial visual identity, they wanted to look and feel like an exciting technology company, ready to make an impact in the industry.

1/ Development
The Inspiration

The core concept of Helix takes inspiration from the platforms core benefit: seamlessly integrating all the elements of a project. With Helix, you can conveniently store and access papers, forms, people, processes, and pictures within a unified platform.

The concept draws inspiration from the metaphor of a powerful magnetic force, symbolising Helix’s ability to attract and consolidate these diverse components into a single location. The magnetic force idea resonates throughout the brand, from the logo design to every rollout asset. The visual aesthetics are influenced by many sci-fi concepts such as the ‘symbiotes’ portrayed in the Spider-Man comics as well as the ‘microbots’ seen in Big Hero 6.

Every aspect of the brand was crafted and considered. We created a bespoke iconography suite, with each icon being uniquely animated. The designs were intentionally built upon straight lines, devoid of any rounded shapes or corners, resulting in a distinctly sharp and sleek brand aesthetic. This design philosophy was consistently applied throughout the brand’s identity and website, even extending to the typography, with its angular edges.

“It’s exactly what we wanted but couldn’t envisage or describe ourselves, you have done an amazing job! Thank you for all of your support and patience throughout the process and we look forward to our next project together.”

Laura & Matt
Helix Co-Founders