Strategy, Digital & Campaign


The Challenge

With a new WordPress product in development, Fasthosts needed to drive sign ups on their current hosting platform. Insights suggested that the target audience of developers and SMEs hadn’t previously engaged with price driven strategies. And in a competitive landscape, they needed a way to stand out.

Our Solution

To drive sign-ups to the product we developed Fasthosts factual tone of voice, focussing on bringing a human element to a digital world. The creative focussed entered on snappy and witty headlines that would be appreciated by an intelligent target audience.

We developed a wide array of short headlines that focussed on key areas that the target audience would respond well too, developing a slightly more approachable personality to a tough market.

Our Execution

After testing and development we settled on the campaign line ‘Word’s out.’ This title sat well between promoting the offer and
raising awareness of the product. The illustration system developed for the campaign enabled the creative to be expanded to executions of many ratios.

We concentrated and providing a flexible and system that would keep consistency no matter the placement. The creative was designed to also perform well when animated.

As an extension of the project we also created an animated video to help sell the main benefits of the product.

Amongst other projects, we’ve designed a range of collateral for the Fasthosts brand such as new product campaign concepts, illustrative social assets, branded case studies, email and website graphics.