Always on, always ProActive.

Fasthosts ProActive
Branding, Digital, Naming, Strategy

Fasthosts wanted to find a new venture to help them scale in an ultra-competitive market. We helped them launch Fasthosts ProActive—a cloud-based managed service provider to help Web Pros handle their IT infrastructure.


The goal was appeal to a new Pro market, but retain the unique Fasthosts fun and quirky brand tone. We also aimed to create a clear and tangible benefit to a time-poor audience—by using Fasthosts ProActive it will free up more time for you to to spend it where it matters, and you rest assured that we will manage your Infrastructure proactively and securely.

The Trail

Combating the fact that customers want their lives made easier but are concerned about the efficiency of using a Managed Service Provider, we concentrated on portraying the restlessness of ProActive through a core graphic device, the Trail. This device gives the brand a foundational element to express movement and progress throughout their communications, with the flexibility to use it in a myriad of ways to keep the brand form stagnating.


The use of custom illustrations helped develop a unique personality and separate it from the core Fasthost brand, and also gave the brand the ability to communicate complex technical ideas or service benefits that would be difficult to show through photography.