From transactional sales brochure to a high-end editorial leave behind

Challenge & Opportunity

How do we arm the Carlsberg sales team with a tool to help them get more spirt into more bars? The team wanted a leave behind that bars owners and mixologists would actually want to read, rather than the typically dull sales brochure.

Strategy & Creative Idea

By positioning the Carlsberg team as knowledgeable experts with great taste through a collaboration with the sales team as well as renowned category experts, The Thinking Drinkers, to create content that actually inspires and educates as opposed to a traditional brochure that feels overtly ‘salesy’.

Educate & Inspire

Credible engaging content that elevates the Carlsberg team and portfolio and focuses on topics that are relevant and of the moment.

Editorial Look & Vibe

Borrowing from high end fashion and beauty editorials in a look and style that is more akin to a desirable coffee table book.

Remain fit for purpose with ease of navigation

Ensuring the brochure is still fit for purpose in that there are easy to understand listings, so that all product needs and info are at hand and can be ordered quickly, helping with up-sell and cross-sell.

"BGN has done an amazing job, and have created something truly unique and stunning. It’s a great mix of style and information without losing sight of the fact that it needs to convey our product range and help with our up-selling and cross-selling strategies."

Michael Puckett
Customer Marketing Manager at CMBC