There’s more to Cheese than Cheddar.

Belton Farm

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Branding, Campaign and Video

The Challenge

Belton Farm, a 100-year-old British cheesemaker, briefed us to create a multi-channel marketing campaign with a focus on building brand awareness and sales for their hero product, Red Fox. The campaign was also Belton Farm's first TV advertising push.

The Process

Majoring on the insight that many consumers select any ‘commodity’ cheese that's on offer, we set about creating a campaign that educates people on the virtues of Red Fox, outlining that there is ‘More to Cheese than Cheddar’.

The Fox was crafted to the perfect frame for our message, enabling us to communicate our campaign line at the same time as visualising our brand mascot in a silhouette.

Working closely with our partners Mighty Giant, we created an advert that used a distinctive stop-motion style. This depicted the story of monotonously buying the same product at every food shop before introducing our campaign message and finally revealing the brand packaging.

The Outcome

A 20-second TV advert aired throughout June 2020. To strategically capture the target demographic, the advert was placed during relevant programmes such as Come Dine With Me, Bake Off: The Professionals, and Sunday Brunch. As a result, Belton Farm saw an uplift in sales of Red Fox during the period of the campaign.

In 2023, Belton Farm briefed us on refreshing their Fox packaging. This spanned across the portfolio, including White Fox, Smoked Red Fox, and a new product, Silver Fox. This saw an increase in the logo lock-up and refinement of the colour ways.