There’s more to Cheese than Cheddar

Belton Farm – Red Fox
Branding, Campaign, Video

Our long standing client Belton Farm had just had their 2020 marketing plans halted by Covid-19 and they needed to quickly come up with new ways to continue to build momentum with the brand.

The Challenge

We worked with them to create a multi-channel marketing campaign, run over the summer months, which focused on building further brand awareness and frequency of use, of their hero flagship product Red Fox.

There's more to cheese than cheddar

Majoring on the fact that many consumers view the cheese aisle in their chosen supermarket as an opportunity to blindly add whichever ‘commodity’ cheese is on offer that week to their basket, we set about creating a campaign that educates them of the virtues of Red Fox, outlining that there is ‘More to Cheese than Cheddar’.

Our beloved fox was the perfect frame for our message, enabling us to get across our message at the same time as doubling down on our iconic mascot.

The hero of our campaign was Belton’s first ever TV advertising push.

Putting the Red Fox on the box

The 20 second TV advert was an integral part of the new ‘There’s More to Cheese than Cheddar’ campaign. Working closely with our partners Mighty Giant, we created an advert that used a distinctive stop motion style to get across the monotony of buying the same product (or slight variation thereof) every time shop, before introducing our campaign message and finally majoring on our iconic packshot.

The wider campaign

The TV campaign, which aired throughout June 2020 exclusively on Channel 4, was placed by our partners at Running Total Media, who ensured our target demographic was captured by strategically placing the advert during relevant programmes such as Come Dine With Me, Bake Off: The Professionals and Sunday Brunch.

In addition to debuting on TV, the campaign also included activity across print and digital platforms.

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