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The Easy Way to Measure Brand Awareness

The Easy Way to Measure Brand Awareness

The benefits of brand awareness are limitless. However, knowing how to measure brand awareness and the success of your efforts to help you become more recognisable within your sector can be difficult!

Luckily, due to the need to understand more about this influence, plenty of new methods have been developed, answering the prayers of those wondering how to measure brand awareness.

Your approach to brand awareness will vary depending on what your brand represents, so before beginning to measure brand awareness, define your goals and this will help you to meet the needs of your business!

Study website traffic

If you track the traffic you receive to your website continuously, you’ll be rewarded with valuable information on who is proactively seeking out your business.

Perhaps the best and most reliable way of tracking website traffic, and therefore to measure brand awareness, is using Google Analytics. This tool lets you track all the data you could need while giving you the ability to filter the information available, so that you can focus exclusively on the most important metrics.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the amount of time users are spending on your website, as this can be a strong indication of how engaging the pages and content are! This is a useful way to measure brand awareness as it can clearly indicate where improvements need to be made on your website.

Track your earned media value

Earned media is the publicity that your brand receives organically. It is a particularly attractive tool to help measure brand awareness, as it highlights the number of people speaking about your brand away from any paid marketing.

Earned media value metrics can be measured in a variety of forms, but with the help of commercial social analytics tools, you can estimate the click value generated by the social media posts and track your return on investment from mentions and engagement. This is one simple yet effective way to measure brand awareness.

Positive reviews are great for brand awareness

If people continually hear positive comments about your brand, they are much more likely to associate you with good quality service, yet negative reviews can also be detrimental to your brand awareness.

Using software to measure brand awareness through customer reviews online will give you the chance to improve your business image and get a feel for your level of awareness within the market.

Send out a survey

When you measure brand awareness, it does not always need to be highly technical. Traditional customer surveys will provide you useful insight into how your customers think and, specifically, what they think of your business.

To measure brand awareness, provide a simple set of questions asking how your customers became aware of your brand, their level of attachment and whether they had heard of you before visiting the website. This will help you learn more about your brand awareness growth.

Start to measure your brand awareness today!

Building brand awareness and measuring your efforts take a lot of time, practice and skill. At BGN, we can help you measure your brand awareness and effectively seek out what needs improving and which strategies are performing well.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with our team on 0161 808 4557 or to discuss how we can support your businesses’ brand awareness.