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New Work: NBDA Architects

New Work: NBDA Architects

A project which will get the full case study treatment in due course, here is an early taste of our identity, website design and build for NBDA Architects.

Our work for NBDA hinges the striking bespoke logotype we have created, inspired by the lines, spacing and structure of a typical architect’s blueprint. In doing so, we have created a logo where every stroke is carefully considered and designed, in perfect keeping with NBDA’s overall approach.

The logotype sits in perfect contrast with the rest of the identity, which is more colourful to reflect NBDA’s adaptability and creativity.

The negative space in each individual letter provides us with a flexible toolkit of shapes, which can then be coloured and utilised to create ownable brand assets – be it as backdrops on certain sections of the website we designed, or as masks on the imagery that NBDA will come to share on social media now that the website has launched. There are a lot of opportunities in our identity, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for NBDA, armed with their new, more coherent identity.