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New Work: Indelible

New Work: Indelible

Presenting our identity and website for Indelible, a unique communications agency specialising translating scientific stories from the pharmaceutical and medical industries into compelling and memorable content.

The name is a nod to the indelible mark that their content ultimately leaves people with, and our identity draws from the one indelible mark that every last one of us has in common – our fingerprints. Not only do we all have them in common, but they can never be changed, erased or forgotten, they are uniquely our own, and that is where their strength lies. There is no better metaphor for Indelible, both as a brand and as an offering.

These fingerprints are immediately noticeable on any one of Indelible’s touchpoints – the first thing you see on their homepage, business cards, stationery and so on. This style then carries through to our illustrations, which, much like the fingerprint typography on the Indelible website, slowly and beautifully draw in as you scroll down the page.

It’s the simplest starting points that spawn the strongest brand identities, and even on a smaller scale project like Indelible, the results speak for themselves.