New Work: Festa Italiana New Work: Festa Italiana


New Work: Festa Italiana

Following on from the success of Salvi’s Italian Day at last year’s Manchester Food and Drink Festival, a who’s who of Manchester’s Italian food and drink brands came together between the 23rd and 25th June for a three day celebration of all things Italian.

From fine food to live music, tastings, demonstrations, child-friendly frivolities and an Italian produce market, the Festa was a true family affair offering something for everyone of every age. As such, their advertising – online and offline – needed to appeal to people young and old, all at once.

Our designs deliberately didn’t make Italian food or drink the centre of the stage – but one part of a colourful, rich whole. We’ve avoided cliches and tired Italian tropes to get across what was to us the key selling point of the festival, and that was that it was a true celebration – not an Italian food market, or themed family fun day, but a complete package. We hoped that with this campaign and successful first year, we were helping to sew the seeds for a future mainstay of Manchester’s cultural calendar.

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