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New LGH Work & Ancoats Digs

New LGH Work & Ancoats Digs

Well here we are, July had marked the “official” COVID restriction freedom. Albeit working from home was fun, the novelty soon wore thin.

Like many businesses, from almost every industry, we’re all slowly filtering back in to the office — which leads us to announce, our brand new design studio is soon to be open!

Based in the former Daily Express Building, we’ll have a fresh new set-up right in the heart of Ancoats, Manchester. We’ll be looking forward to welcoming you in, with a proper brew and a new bunch of faces as we’ve grown the team.

Whilst the agency world has generally been quite lucky and has easily adapted during the pandemic, some others not so much, particularly hospitality.

We were recently briefed by our client LGH Hotel Management to create a video announcing their hotels are now back open and ready for bookings. More than keen to help support and get this industry get back on its feet, our in-house animator designed and created an animation to do just that.

With the aim to boost meetings, events and tour bookings in the LGH hotels, which includes the IHG and Best Western, we showcased their fun and bubbly account management team in a short video for LinkedIn.

Watch the video here