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Brand Purpose Examples: 3 of the Best from 2020

Brand Purpose Examples: 3 of the Best from 2020

A brand’s purpose is arguably one of its most important aspects. It is an organisation’s reason for existence and expresses the values they stand for. It can make a significant impact on a business’s relationship with its consumers and when values align, it can lead to lifelong loyalty.

With 2020 being such a year of uncertainty, we’ve seen plenty of businesses revisiting their brand purposes and discovering more about the way they operate. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the spotlight shone on them more than ever, and their decisions are being heavily scrutinised by customers.

Here, we take a look at the businesses that have maximised the impact of their brand purpose throughout the year and further aligned themselves with their target audience’s core beliefs.

1. The Body Shop

One of the first brand purpose examples we’ll look at is from The Body Shop. It looks to drive positive change and support causes that align with their target audience.

The Body Shop is no stranger to campaigning for social change. The trusted brand has gained supporters across the country through their passion for creating products that are environmentally sustainable and their efforts to raise awareness of difficult issues such as domestic violence.

This year, their efforts have been focused on supporting those affected by the Australian Bushfires. They have also donated products to support NHS workers working tirelessly to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

2. Airbnb

When a brand’s purpose directly ties into their everyday work, it appears much more authentic and packs a significant punch. Airbnb’s purpose is grounded in the experience of the users who visit the accommodation on their site.

However, with the recent pandemic affecting travel across the world, the company had to pivot quickly to showcase their purpose and find new ways to express good hospitality.

Hosts did this by offering free and discounted places to healthcare staff and frontline responders, so that they can stay close to their work while remaining socially distanced from their own families. Airbnb also added the option to ‘find a monthly stay’ on their site, which was ideal for key workers who needed semi-permanent accommodation.

3. Boots

Boots UK and Macmillan Cancer Support have a long, successful partnership that demonstrates the pharmacy chain’s dedication to making a difference to the lives of people living with cancer.

In-store staff provide access and support to those struggling with the illness as well as discussing concerns about medication and guiding people to other recommended sources of information. Due to the pandemic, Boots has made this service available digitally, with video consultation easy to book through their website.

The support doesn’t just end there, though. Boots have continually raised vital funds for those suffering from cancer by organising events such as raffles, make-up-athons, and pamper evenings.

Take note of these brand purpose examples and make your brand purpose meaningful with BGN

Don’t let your brand purpose sit dormant inspiring nobody. Ensure that it is acted upon in a clear, meaningful way and that it is motivating your audience, employees, and anyone else who comes into contact with your brand.

At BGN, we’ll do everything we can to fully express your core brand purpose and showcase your contribution to the world. Want to find out more? Get in touch with our team on 0161 808 4557 or to discuss your latest project and how we can help.