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5 Signs You Really Do Need a New Website

5 Signs You Really Do Need a New Website

Every business wants to have a sleek, professional and on-trend website that both attracts and engages consumers. But what can be the telling signs you need a new website?

Creating a new website can be a big undertaking and often requires an investment in both time and money, so it’s crucial to know if you’re making the right move at the right time.

Some of the signs you need a new website are glaringly obvious, whereas some will be a little subtler. However, all of the signs listed below are ones you must look out for to ensure you stay ahead of the game and provide the best experience for your customers.

High bounce rates

Bounce rate is a metric that measures the number of visitors who enter your website and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages. This could be for several reasons but tends to be because they find the website too difficult to use, too slow or they struggled to find what interested them.

A fresh redesign may solve this issue and convince users to stick around. Review your content throughout the site to ensure its relevant and engaging, then ensure the overall site navigation is user friendly. If not, it could be a deal-breaker for site visitors.

Outdated information

Another one of the signs you need a new website is if your website contains a lot of errors, inconsistencies, or old, useless content, it will leave users uninterested. At worst, some users may even consider your site spam.

Whether it be advertising events that have already happened, listing staff members that have moved on or showcasing products that are no longer for sale, a website containing a lot of blatant errors means you are well overdue a refresh.

Search engine rankings are low

Older sites tend to carry a lot of duplicate pages and often lack an effective keyword strategy, which ultimately means they won’t rank highly in a Google search.

Customers tend to rely on searching within Google rather than entering a specific domain name. So, if your website isn’t appearing in the top five search engine results, then chances are you’re missing out on a lot of new traffic to the site.

Slow page loading speeds

People have become rightly accustomed to having things when they want it online. Older sites or websites with an excessive number of graphics or large files sizes will experience frequent lagging. This will likely frustrate the customer and eventually drive them elsewhere.

Good web design requires a balanced mix of text, images, video and interactivity that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the website for the user or delay it’s loading speeds.

It doesn’t align with your branding

Now more than ever, your website is your primary marketing tool. It needs to be consistent with the rest of your branding as it essentially acts as the shop window for your entire business.

If you have strict brand guidelines for colours, fonts and style, be sure to stick to them. Otherwise, your website will come off as disingenuous and awkward in comparison to the rest of your brand. A brand that claims to be forward-thinking and professional needs to have a website which reflects that.

Spotted signs you need a new website? Create a new website today with BGN

Understanding when you need a new website is an essential step towards developing your brand. You should be proud to show off your site and believe it is a good representation of your company as a whole.

BGN are a strategic design agency in Manchester that will help you develop a brand new website that’s fit for purpose and aligned with the rest of your business goals.

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