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How to Define Brand Tonality for Your Business

How to Define Brand Tonality for Your Business

Brand tonality can make or break your company. That might sound like an overstatement, however, being able to hook consumers in with a relatable and memorable first impression is critical.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some top tips and tricks to help you define your brand tonality and stand out – even in today’s oversaturated market.

How to establish your brand’s tonality

Brand tonality is not really about what a brand is saying, but how they say it. The character, personality and quality of voice is what distinguishes one brand’s tonality from the rest. So, how should you establish brand tonality?

Identify your own mission statement

Your brand’s tonality needs to reflect your brand’s personality and values. One of the best ways to do so is with a mission statement. This should be concise but clear, as it will shape the culture of your brand and lets potential customers know who you are.

Your mission statement essentially communicates what you’re all about and why you’re business is relevant to them. It also informs your brand’s tonality – for example, you may not want to come across as too technical or serious, but still want to impart specialist knowledge. Only you know what these ‘dos and don’ts’ are, and it’s useful to distinguish them from the off for a consistent tone across all channels.

Drill down into your audience’s needs

You need to get to know your audience. Use data from analytic tools to drill down into their needs, wants and behaviours. This will give you greater insight into what demographic you’re speaking to, which will inform exactly how you speak to them.

Maybe you already have a particular customer in mind – this is often called a buyer persona. Who is this person, what kind of content do they consume and how do they prefer to be communicated to? Brainstorm answers to these questions and you’ll start to identify a suitable brand tonality.

Research and replicate your successes

Your brand may well have already produced consumer-facing work. If you have content that’s attracted audiences, it’s worth noting any consistencies. Maybe you use humour to engage people or perhaps it’s specialist knowledge that’s attracted dedicated audiences.

This isn’t to say that you should stick to tired old formats – in fact, your brand’s tonality should be adaptable over time. But you should use insights gained from successful work in order to inform your brand communications moving forward.

Need help with your brand tonality?

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