A better online experience for those seeking a better nights sleep

Digital, Strategy

When it comes to producing products to help you get a better nights sleep, Slumberdown are UK experts, producing bedding products for over 100 years. They needed a new website to both sell their products and educate the nation on why regularly replacing bedding is key to a good nights sleep.


When thinking about a new website, Slumberdown got us to help them to profile exactly what it was customers needed from them as a brand. from our workshops and immersion sessions we realised that customers didn't know enough about bedding, about how it can help them, the different types available and the correct lifespan of the products. This gave us the strategy of positioning Slumberdown as the sleep experts, placing them as the first brand people think of when needing advice on all things sleep.

Creative thinking

Playing on existing brand and packaging elements, we gave the website a dreamy feel, using clouds to make content feel light, pairing bright pastel colours with warm tones and soft typography, we made the website feel like a relaxing place to be.

A guide to better sleep (products)

One of the main areas of the new website was the buying guide, using a simple questionnaire to find out all the information we needed to be able to recommend users with the perfect product for them, to ensure they had the perfect nights sleep.

A place to find out about sleep

One of the main sections of the new website was the new 'Sleep lab', a section of the website where we could feature expert opinion on helping people sleep better. Content featured took the form of sleep playlists, podcasts, facts about sleep and sleep/product advice, making the website a repository for sleep knowledge, tying back to the strategy of positioning Slumberdown as the sleep experts.

Adding e-commerce functionality

The success of the website led to us adding the ability for users to check-out directly from the site, rather than visiting a retailer or partner site. This work ensured that users could see us as the sleep experts, find out more information about their perfect Slumberdown and then check-out simply and easily.