From a large integrated agency, to an award winning branding agency, to an agency all of his own – Paul has run the agency gamut over the past 10 years. Focusing on digital projects initially, running national and regional campaigns, it wasn’t long before Paul set his sights on branding, rounding out his experience and skill set to comfortably deliver any project that came his way.

Having worked with multinational PLCs, start-ups and everything in between, the size of a brand honestly doesn’t matter to Paul – getting the most satisfaction from seeing projects through from research to fruition, and then seeing the brands he has worked on only go from strength to strength.

Though Paul’s passion lied in digital – over the years, in challenging and consciously educating himself on branding as well as digital, he has come to see the value in a brand-led approach, delivering coherence and clarity across the printed and digital, the online and offline with design informed by, and grounded in, research and strategy.