Brand tone of voice is one of the most important elements of any brand. Invest too little time in getting it right and you risk your credibility, or even lose customers outright if they fail to grasp what makes you a brand worth engaging with. Worse still, misjudge your tone of voice and undermine everything you have set to achieve with your brand visually.

but what does it mean to us?

Your tone of voice is informed by a combination of your brand values and philosophies, along with the audience or demographics you need to appeal to. But of course, what good are tone of voice principles without examples to put that voice into practice?

As your brand tone of voice agency of choice, we go out of our way to prepare you to seamlessly execute our agreed tone of voice long after our project has finished. Typically, our tone of voice brand style guidelines include the following elements:

  • Overall brand tone of voice principles
  • Before and after examples of site copy showing the new tone of voice applied to legacy content
  • Before and after examples of social media messaging and engagement showing the new tone of voice applied to legacy content
  • Top line messaging examples to better describe your proposition
  • Company tagline evolution exploration
  • Copy-based marketing campaign ideas

With the guidelines finalised, we can then rewrite all of your content top to bottom to make sure your new tone is delivered effectively from the offset, or even provide a concentrated block of social content or marketing campaign collateral to realise the examples and inspiration we will have already provided you with up to this point.


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your voice?

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