When it comes to sizing up the competition, there is only so much you can hope to conclude internally. By casting a fresh pair of eyes on the competition through competitor market research agencies, it can be invaluable in providing you with insight that impartially determines where and how your competitors are succeeding, and in what areas.

What is insight??

Insight - noun
The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.

but what does it mean to us?

Competitor research and insight is all-encompassing at BGN, but like every project we undertake, fundamentally brand-led. We don’t focus on financials and sales, but the differences between how their brands appear visually, how they communicate, how they advertise and how they approach social media.

We look at competitors both at home and abroad, examining the following areas:

  • Visual identities
  • Tone of voice
  • Overall messaging
  • Website
  • Social content
  • Advertising

From this, we can make recommendations about opportunities your competitors aren’t yet exploring, areas that they are failing to address in terms of messaging and so on. Our competitor research and insight document reviews all of the areas discussed above, ultimately making recommendations about how your brand and the touchpoints contained within it should evolve to keep up and surpass the competition.


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into your competitors brands?

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