The brand-led agency that we are, our company market research services are anything but ordinary. Rather than poring over financials and spreadsheets, we work with you to determine why you do what you do, what you think your brand represents, and where you think you are falling short to give a rounded picture of your brand, rather than your company in the strictest sense of the word.

What is insight??

Insight - noun
The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.

but what does it mean to us?

Our company market research services start with our own research, determining what we believe your market position, proposition and major competitors to be. Armed with these elements, we lead a workshop with key decision makers discussing our tentative insight into your company, and seeing how far that aligns with what you intended external observers to conclude. After the workshop, we go away to write the very first draft of key strategic elements such as:

  • Brand story
  • Brand statement
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand vision
  • Brand strengths and weaknesses
  • Brand essence
  • ‘Why’ statement
  • Values
  • Brand story
  • Brand statement
  • Brand essence
  • Brand positioning
  • Pen portraits

With these elements written up, we put them in front of your staff to make sure that your perception of your brand isn’t too divorced from the reality of it experienced by the foot soldiers day to day. We then take their responses, verbal or written, and combine them with the original versions of the insight already shown – using their comments to produce a more refined and representative version of the business insight we will have already presented you with.


would you benefit from looking
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