Branding & Strategy

Forse Cycling


A new breed of cycling apparel, emphasising stylish safety as well as both form and function. When Forse first approached us, they were still very much in the process of product development, so much so that they were happy to give us free rein when it came to approaching their brief – which was, quite simply, to create a brand that could be comfortably carried across to bike frames and cycling apparel as well as all of the touchpoints you would expect from an e-commerce brand.


Central to the Forse identity is our multilayered, modular marque – an abstract depiction of an ‘F’, set alongside one or two wheels depending on the size of the lockup the marque is being used in. Its modular design is reflective of a high-end bike, painstakingly created by a passionate rider bringing together all of the best components they can. The sharp, precise lines convey speed, movement and a certain sense of restraint or control.


Throughout the identity, text is set in the exact same formation that the professional peloton would adopt at various points of a race, and in a whole host of different weather conditions.

use of colour

The brand palette features unmistakably British shades of red and blue, which are then combined in a gradient and emphasised further with vivid pearlescent paint when recreated on a Forse frame – paint which is also mixed with a reflective paint makes sure that it is still visible at night, tying back into the brand’s initial vision of stylish safety, form and function.