Digital Process

Digital Process

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Meeting the team and hearing your story – how you got to where you are today, where you want to be, why you do what you do… Everything about your brand as it is now, and how you want it to be in the future.


Looking outside of your brand and website to the rest of your industry, seeing how your competitors differ from you, as well as understanding the discrepancy between what you think of yourselves, and how customers perceive you.


Using the research and understanding gained up to this point, we are more than well equipped to draw up a comprehensive specification, setting out every box that the new design and developed site must tick.


Tentative visualisations of several web design routes, showing how your content could be presented in each and creating interactive prototypes for you to circulate and tentatively test to weigh up the user experience that they provide.


Breathing life into our prototypes using your brand guidelines and focusing on agreed key functionality before, once again, allowing for user testing to make sure that the new design addresses your business goals.


Using the latest technologies and industry standard platforms to build the front and back-end of the final, approved website. This is followed by intensive testing, fixing bugs and optimising the user experience right up to deployment.


Working with your chosen (or our recommended) marketing agency to ensure that previous SEO work isn’t lost in the transition to the new site. We also work with hosting providers to put the best solution in place for the new site.


Poring over Google Analytics and heatmaps to identify recurring unexpected user behaviours and making amendments and/or design optimisations to address them, maximising both efficiency and accessibility in the process.