Branding Process

Branding Process

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Stage 1


Meeting the team and hearing your story – how you got to where you are today, where you want to be, why you do what you do… Everything about your brand as it is now, and how you want it to be in the future.

Stage 2


Looking outside of your brand to the rest of your industry, seeing how your competitors do and don’t differ from you, as well as understanding how wide the gap is between what you think of yourselves, and how customers perceive you.

Stage 3


Collating all of our collected data, reporting back recurring themes and drawing your attention to notable findings or responses. From this, we draw up revised top-level strategic elements to carry you forward.

Stage 4


After up to two rounds of amendments on our research document, we have a touchpoint that both of us are happy with, which can then be used as the basis of any potential concepts and creative from this point onwards.

Stage 5


Sketching out a number of different creative concepts, explaining our reasoning for why we think each would be a good fit for your brand, and agreeing with you which routes are worth fleshing out.

Stage 6


Breathing life into two or three of the creative concepts already presented, presenting back marques, colour palettes and so on, all of which will be contextualised in real world situations.

Stage 7


Applying further polish to get the chosen route to a level of finish we are both happy with, allowing for our own exacting standards. The elements refined here are what will become the final brand elements.

Stage 8

Brand Manual

The final outcome of the project, a full document including our strategic conclusions, brand usage guidelines and inspiration for how the brand could be used in the future.