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We’ve recently welcomed a new junior designer to the BGN team, meet George. A true Manc, through and through, he’s got great talent for illustration and has some pretty swag animation skills too. Check out his journey so far into the creative industry 👇

How did you land a role at BGN?

I stalked Antonio (our Managing Director) and emailed him my portfolio. The team kindly took me on placement for a couple of months and then I managed to charm them into giving me a full-time role.

Whats the best thing about working at BGN?

We work on exciting briefs, a diverse array of clients, and I also feel like I am given a lot of responsibility, which is great. We have a friendly, close knit environment which I feel helped me settle in quickly. I’m also finding I get to dabble in all forms of design and creativity… From motion work to illustration to UX design, we’re doing it all.

Top 3 tips for graduates looking for a career in design?

Firstly, make sure your portfolio is mint. This is what will grab your potential employer’s attention. Don’t worry about grades or any of that nonsense – I’ve still not had anyone ask or check that I even have a degree. Just make sure you showcase your finest work and let that do the talking.

Secondly, don’t wait around for the perfect job to fall into your hands. Be proactive and contact agencies/designers that you like directly. You can ask if they have any opportunities going or at least just send them a link to your portfolio so that they’re aware of you. Slide into their DMs and don’t be shy!

Finally, aim to be a multidisciplinary designer. The modern graphic designer needs to have a versatile skillset to cope with the vast array of briefs and proposals that a client may ask for. Try not to pigeon-hole yourself within one design area and explore routes that you may not have previously considered, for example, animation, UI/UX design and 3D. The more you can demonstrate to employers that you are capable in a number of creative capacities, the more interested they will be in you.

What’s your favourite brand?

I love Aldi and their tackier, knock-off versions of well-established brands. I like how they strip a brand down to its key visual elements and then add their own minor tweaks – so you know it’s meant to be Nutella, but you also know it’s definitely not. Nordpak (Lurpak) and Seal bars (Penguins) are other honourable mentions.

See more of George’s work, over on his Instagram: @halcreative