Website Design And Development

Web design and website development at BGN, like any other project we take on, is led by your brand – the strategy behind it, the values and philosophy it represents and so on. Once this is established, with or without our assistance, we can really get going.

This strategic understanding is key, essential for a web design agency to possess before starting a project, we would argue. With this understanding, we can enter into our digital workshop and contribute as well as listen, reviewing your Analytics dashboard alongside you, and establishing appropriate KPIs together.

Our digital workshop is then followed by competitor research, reviewing their websites in terms of look, feel and functionality, before drawing up a formal technical specification, including the following elements:

  • Sitemap
  • Site architecture
  • Front-end functionality
  • Back-end functionality
  • Plugins
  • Browser compatibility

We then create interactive wireframe prototypes, allowing for tentative user testing at a surprisingly early stage of the project, before any formal web design or website development has taken place, before finally leading into design, development and deployment, providing you with and delivering on:

  • Every bullet point of the technical specification
  • Search functionality
  • Email signups
  • Social media integration
  • Compliance with EU cookies regulations
  • The ability to download collected data as a PDF
  • A blog built in the latest version of WordPress, or your preferred platform
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools set up
  • Set up of Lucky Orange, or your preferred heat mapping software 


Before starting any project, no matter what scale or scope of project, we establish a clear strategic direction before starting any design or development. In doing so, everything we produce sits perfectly in line with your brand message, and as such, stands the best chance of helping you achieve your business goals.

With a clear brand strategy in place, we put pen to paper designing brands and digital solutions that balance our creativity and intuition with your business goals. In doing so, we bring your brand strategy in line with your business strategy, and vice versa.

The solutions that we design are specifically engineered to appeal to your current and ideal customers, first and foremost. We determine our success in this endeavour by the extent to which we transform your bottom line.

Brand Attic

Website design was just one part of our work for LF Europes affordable everyday fashion brand.

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