Packaging Design

Packaging is the primary physical brand touchpoint that many customers come into contact with, and more and more brands are realising that investment in packaging design can be the difference between their product flying off the shelves, or slowly being withdrawn from them.

With a number of packaging design projects under our collective belts, and several case studies we can talk you through at a moment’s notice, packaging, particularly food packaging, is one of our major strengths at BGN.

With a thorough understanding of your brand gained from one of our branding workshops, and subsequent strategy write-ups, we explore a number of packaging concepts, all presented to you and supported with full reasoning for why we think it would be a good fit for your brand.

Once we have presented these concepts to you, it will become immediately clear which routes are and aren’t worth pursuing – some may not be feasible for your chosen printing partners, some may not fit into your budgets, and some may be more high concept than you were expecting. This leaves us with two or three packaging concepts ready to be fleshed out and mocked up to give greater context to them, before then choosing a singular packaging concept for us to then produce print-ready artwork off the back off and send directly to your printer.


Before starting any project, no matter what scale or scope of project, we establish a clear strategic direction before starting any design or development. In doing so, everything we produce sits perfectly in line with your brand message, and as such, stands the best chance of helping you achieve your business goals.

With a clear brand strategy in place, we put pen to paper designing brands and digital solutions that balance our creativity and intuition with your business goals. In doing so, we bring your brand strategy in line with your business strategy, and vice versa.

The solutions that we design are specifically engineered to appeal to your current and ideal customers, first and foremost. We determine our success in this endeavour by the extent to which we transform your bottom line.

Natural Therapy

A completely natural range of skincare, made with patented formulas that have been honed by British scientists for decades.

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