Customer Onboarding

A customer onboarding strategy occurs in two broad phases at BGN – planning and then execution. In the former stage, we work closely with you to understand your internal workings, ambitions and philosophies. In doing so, we aim to align your brand goals with your business goals, and then design an onboarding process accordingly.

Customer onboarding strategy and planning includes tasks like the following:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Leadership alignment workshop(s)
  • Creation of a strategic narrative
  • Evaluating and refining your brand values
  • Deciding upon an appropriate rallying cry to guide the onboarding process

With a singular rallying cry decided upon, we can proceed with focus groups, questionnaires, surveys or potentially one-on-one interviews with small samples of customers, second guessing the conclusions already arrived at.

It is only once we are sure that our customer onboarding strategy has the best possible chance to succeed, that we proceed rolling out our first onboarding campaign.

The forms that onboarding campaigns take can vary greatly from company to company, from a video presentation to a one-off launch event, a tailored landing page to an email campaign – there are a lot of approaches we can take, and it is only with the previous stages that we can be sure of the option that is most likely to succeed.


Before starting any project, no matter what scale or scope of project, we establish a clear strategic direction before starting any design or development. In doing so, everything we produce sits perfectly in line with your brand message, and as such, stands the best chance of helping you achieve your business goals.

With a clear brand strategy in place, we put pen to paper designing brands and digital solutions that balance our creativity and intuition with your business goals. In doing so, we bring your brand strategy in line with your business strategy, and vice versa.

The solutions that we design are specifically engineered to appeal to your current and ideal customers, first and foremost. We determine our success in this endeavour by the extent to which we transform your bottom line.


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