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We’re BGN, We’re a branding and digital agency that work with you to maximise your potential with effective design, across all platforms.

We care just as much about creating something that works, as we do about making it look good. It's what we like to call effective design.


but it’s not about us

It all starts with you, your story, your business goals or problems and most importantly, your customer. That’s why our approach contains equal parts thinking and doing - we put in the time to understand who we’re working with before we get into what that could look/sound/feel like.


We found an opportunity to create a new category in the trade spirits market

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2 Accent Housing advert boards in store window each with images of women. One holding a child
it’s all about you...

“The end result is something we are really proud of, and the production has made a lasting impression on customers, staff and whoever has seen them. We are delighted to have BGN on board as a key partner.”
Paul Dolan
Chief Executive, Accent Housing

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We pinned down the key brand elements of quality and customisation.

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We’ll question and challenge until we arrive at a crystal clear view of what makes you different, and we’ll use this to create, redefine or evolve your brand.

we find your
‘brand essence’
Roland Dransfield

We redefined the very definition of PR to ensure we were competing against no-one.

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...BEFORE WE get into the doing

(and do it
really well!)

We find the best ways to put your brand to work with effective design. Whether it’s a brand identity, a bespoke digital solution, a new packaging design or an internal engagement campaign.


“Antonio, Paul and the rest of the team behind BGN were naturally the best fit for this next evolution of the brand. What they have delivered is a well-executed and relevant creative which ultimately has given us a key vehicle to communicate and celebrate Free Range on pack.”
Jack Morrison
Brand Manager, Lancashire Farm

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